Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid - Sum 41

Silence is ringing in my head
stuck on repeat
No much longer I'll be dead,
so just forget me
I'm losing my mind,
and I don't think you could save me this time

And it goes
on and on
and I just feel helpless
How long will this take to wear off?
On and on, how will I get through this?
Welcome to my down and out

Sum 41 -- come anger, screams and heavy bass riffs.

At times I get the strong, undeniable urge to gauge out a few select inner organs with a spoon, throwing it away as biowaste and thereby ridding myself of everything from aching hearts to queasy stomachs. It's tiring, too fucking tiring.

If God created humans, shouldn't that mean there's maintenance to be had somewhere? What say you Jehova, point me the direction?

But that is a part of life, right? Enforcing the inalienable right to fuck your mind up since the dawn of humanity. La vie en bleu, no?

It's just... fuck it. Of the two, anger is better than melancholy. That can't be denied. Anger implies that the dance is still on -- you've got until the orchestra stops playing to convince the lady to stay by your arm.

Sometimes I'm more tired of myself than I'm fully comfortable with. Where's the need to make it all so fucking complex...?

I guess stability is overrated. Whatever, I need lunch.


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Luftmensch said...

Yahweh? Forget Yahweh and look at yourself, you're a mostly carbon-based bipedal being with its origin in billions of years of trial and error -- from the big bang to the first organic compound formed in the primordial soup on the teenage planet Earth; from the first organic compound to the first amphibian exploring the new world above the sea surface; and from the amphibian to the human being you are now. All this through the purely impersonal and objective processes of trial and error mainly through time and death -- a shitload of it -- which equipped you with the purpose to pass on your genes to the next generation, without any real meaning to it all.

And, jeez, no-one even bothered with asking you beforehand about your opinion on the matter.

Man, you got every right to be angry. :<

If you're pull that spoon + organs ritual then do tell 'cause it sounds like prima youtube material !! !


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