Here's Looking At You, Kid - The Gaslight Anthem

But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that will cut you to ribbons sometimes
And all you can do is just wait by the moon,
and bleed if it's what she says you oughta do

Blogging sure is a funny thing. A short post not intended for much more than whining can get some four-five comments, whereas one you feel you've put thought into doesn't receive any attention at all.

But hey, what can you do?


It's March 8 today -- the International Women's Day. I read somewhere that it has its origins in Soviet-era and -style propaganda events celebrating the hard-working Socialist woman, but luckily, that's a far cry from today's version. Partially in the sense that not too many, save demonstrators at Möllan, appear to notice it.

Now, by virtue of my sex and age I am now supposed to start ranting about discrimination of males and how feminists not only want to enslave all men, but also use them as foodstuffs in times of need. What do you think actually is in the dubiously named meal "järpar" in school?

That would feel a bit juvenile though, not to mention unnecessary -- nothing good or bad will come out of it.

So what instead of bitterness or arguing?

Why, love of course.

So to all girls that I know, and even more to those I know well: I love you. I really do. The world would be pointless without you, and so would life.

I could go on like that for ages, but I would appear a wanker and I've said what I want to say -- this is your day, and therefore also a day when I want to express my gratitude at your mere existence. Thank you.


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Luftmensch said...

i think u shud type less so it will b easier 2 read. cudnt b bothered 2 read ur previous post cuz it was ultra tl;dr

Now -- Sir -- make a post about the necessity of modern society to abandon the current established gender values and revert back to the evolutionary archetypes of warrior men, and submissive baby-factories.

Do it for the comments, man;
do it for the comments :<


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