fuss & bother - the nipple erectors

Because you're looking for fuss 'n' bother, oh yeah
Don't come tryin' to start a fight
'cause you think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread
You might be a hit with all the girls
But that won't help you when I break your head, 'cause

Just one look at your face
Just one look at your face
Just one look at your face
I got to get out of this place

What? I've got an irregularity in blogging? Well, of course I do. What is there to do about that, more than by magic erasing my homework and forum-lurking?

Truly... it takes a man like Shane to have had a band called The Nipple Erectors. Although they changed their name to The Nips later, surely due to pressure from certain moral institutions.

The days go on in the same pace as usual.
homeworkignoringhomeworkwritingontheforumgoingtobed. The forum is a rather new part of the daily routine though; the writing does me good. Escapism in its purest form is when you initiate it yourself.

The irregularity is bound to continue,

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