fake tales of san francisco - arctic monkeys

And as the microphone squeaks
a young girl's telephone beeps
Yeah she's dashing for the exit
and she's running to the streets outside
"Oh you've saved me," she screams down the line
"the band were fucking wankered
And I'm not having a nice time."

Cold, cold, cold. And rain. And cold on the bus, and a headache as the result of having tried to sleep to make the long, dull minutes tick by faster.

Global warming doesn't always feel like a bad idea.

Math test received back today with acceptably good results -- Biology test waiting tomorrow, immediately in the morning. 8:15 I am going to demonstrate my wide-spread knowledge in genetics. How good that I'm great in Biology and have loads of energy, or that would really suck.


Anyhoo, since I've run oyut of study-material for the test, I'll try to spend the evening either with Gordon Freeman or Godfried d'Ardennes. If it wasn't for my computer, I don't know what I would spend all spare time with.

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David said...

Heh. Just by chance, I checked your blog again, and to my surprise you had posted several updates. Your amount of readers would increase if you notified at least someone =P
Tests we will have to live with for quite some time to come, but at least they don't matter at all for now. A bad result will only tell you that this is something to keep studying, so that you really know it and will be able to do better later.

As for the presedential election, you know who'd have getten my vote if I'd have been a few weeks older... I dare say that Obama has quite a chance here, hopefully he could set country straight that has been mistreated during Bush. Get out of Iraq, and stop increasing military funding, seriously.

Now, I only have a barely greater saying in this than you, and can only hope for having a great candidate to vote for next time (re-election?), someone who from this most powerful position can create the change that is needed in the States.

Ems said...

wow that is a long comment David :P Well, I think you should update your blog Snugglie. I am booored and want to read a new post, you write well. Write write! :D


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