18 Karat Gold - Johnossi

In her heart where the sadness grows
I'd operate with this knife

And cut a big fat giant hole

To fill with gold and light

But there's an endless battle to be won

And me I ain't a man with an educated mind
And soon, you won't have the strength to carry on

So you scream about it in the night
Oh in the night, in the night
Oh in the ni-i-i-i-i-ight

I'm not dead yet.

In fact, chronic gut diseases notwithstanding, I'm probably more alive than I've ever been. I guess that's how it all goes; different, if not else, when the chick leaves the nest and is left to test his wings in an open sky where earlier regulations and obstacles suddenly have been replaced by novelties of the kind. In most ways, it's a life of far more company than before -- in others, it's lonelier.

Given the latter, I'm happy that I'm able to go home once a week to see my family. A year's trial run on my own before I leave not only the nest, but the whole forest is probably useful. Not that it will be less painful when the time arrives, but I will have grown accustomed to it in a whole other way than I would if I had lived at home, rather than in my 20 square-meter room in Northern Lund.

Yes, the room.

It is about time to make it more homely by now, so a hunt for flags and other accessories has commenced. Like it or not -- and there are many things that I both like and don't like with it -- this room is my home until either June or August next year, and there is something gravely disconcerting with white, empty walls. Alternatively, if not disconcerting, then at least depressing. When seeing someone's room for the first time, you're looking right into a part of their life and personality -- it's an impression that can only be given once (and then once again after each new renovation and redecoration). I've got ideas though, all that is lacking is the objects themselves and after that, their merging with the whiteness of my walls in an attempt to breach it.

To be honest, I never thought home decoration would be this fun.

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