* Radio Silence *

What? What's happening? Has ol' Snugglie abandonded the blog format he stole from a good friend as well as fellow blogger?

No he hasn't, he's not much of a man of change in this case. The true fact is that his computer is being a real bitch towards him, and has now disabled his speakers from him, making him listen to the damned radio! I haven't been listening to the radio outside of the period 23:30-08:00 since... ever, probably. It blows pretty much. "Balls!", as Ben would have expressed it.

So you'll have to do without any "lyric of the day" today. Sorry folks, this shite won't happen again. I'll kill... hrm, fix my comp tomorrow afternoon, this evening I'm:
  1. Tired.
  2. Bound to finish my presentation about the Russian language.
  3. All messed up mentally. In a positive way!
  4. Feeling for answering a letter I got today. Not just any letter, but the cutest one I've ever recieved, for sure.

As you can see, I'm unable to try to do something I don't really know, i.e. computer stuff. I'll try tomorrow instead.

Well, this day has just been so totally... monday, in every damned way. First lesson o' the day was computer science, wonderful. A subject that I'll study for the upcoming five-ten weeks or something, and not until after that I'll start with physics. Balls! Well, the lesson started, and I realized pretty fast that I didn't remember my login. Way to go, Snugglie! Not just that, neither had I got my Fronter login.

So our teacher gave me an evil glare and told me to go get it at the IT-technician then. And so did Alex Koc, since he came to the conclusion that he had threwn away his fronter-login-information-paper.

And so we went. And of course he wasn't there. He was at a meeting or something. So we returned to KV and our computer science. I spent the remainder of the lesson sitting by David's computer, like watching him "work" and stuff.

The next lesson was, as you know, P.E. We were at Idrottshallen today, playing handball. Hypothesis: Handball is boring. Prediction: Playing handball without really being able to might hurt you. Conclusion: Handball still blows. Although we had pretty much fun. I've also noted that a team with me, Alex Koc and Arthur could be one of the worst ever placed on a court, Christ, did we laugh during the exercises?

I survived. Other activities for the school day - lunch at Lundafalafel, big kebab. Spanish. Gap, spent in the library watching the others finish their biology reports, and with me reading a book called "101 ways to flirt". Yes, I AM desperate. After that biology, me sitting with Velko in the back of the classroom more or less laughing our asses off.

Things said on a PDP biology lesson:

Teacher: If the observation is "We are all very tired", what might the reason be?
Alex Koc: We're IB students, noone expects us to sleep.
Araneya: We might be night active werewolves!

Teacher: What could we do as an experiment to test this?
Alex Koc *responding to his own*: Try putting someone from Handelsprogrammet on IB, see if they'll get any sleep!
Linus "Snuggles" *'bout the werewolves*: Well, if anyone in here can't be killed in any way except by a silver bullet, that's definitely a werewolf.

Velko: Hm, the observation is that "Dogs are sometimes seen breathing heavily with their mouths open". What is our prediction?
Linus "Snuggles": If you close the mouth of the dog it won't breath that heavily.
*Girls in front of us giggling*
Linus "Snuggles": What?

You get the point.
Immediately after the biology half the class was supposed to have computer science (yes, again). The ones that showed up was me, David, Andreas, Emma N and Emz. It blows, still. Although this time I had my login, but please, it's just so boring that my feet hurts.

This long day had the five of us to end class at five o'clock. And I've had the nicest bus ride I can remember to get home today. The first thing I did getting on the bus was calling Linnea. I just love talking to her. She's gotten me letter now too, hadn't read it when I called though. I'm glad that I've found my way back to the hand-written word.

Talking about handwritten word... By six o'clock, pretty much on the minute, I got the phone up again and called Jing, as earlier decided. This was the second time I talked to her, heard her voice. The first time though was just a short, half-a-minute chat on a break in my earlier life as an Ystad-student. So we chatted, for something like half an hour. She has a really nice voice you know, she sounds so nice and kind. I'm so glad I had the guts to call her (my phonephobia seems to be coming towards an end), and I... well, I'll call her soon again, that's for sure.

And what awaits me at home? Why, a letter from her! As a response to my letter to her last week. And yes, this is that cute lil' letter that I mentioned earlier in this blog post. I've read it a couple of times now. It feels nice reading a letter again, it's been such a long time.

What's up for schedule for remainder of the evening, before an early time for bed? Well, not that much really. I'll try to do some more of my presentation, but I won't be able to finish it 'til tomorrow, not with the computer in this damn state of mind. Well, I'll have it finished for wednesday instead.

The star of the day goes to Jing. Not just because she lit up my day a little, or a quite big deal, but because of something at least I thought was something done with chivalry. I leave you a reference to her blog to read what, you might find out for yourself (link to her blog is in the left hand column in this blog, under the headline "Links"). Poor people exist for getting other people feeling bad. That's the way it ought to be! It takes so little to help sometimes, I can't see why not to do it. The next time you see a street musician standing in the cold wind, trying to make some money, then give him that cookie you just bought. Just do it.

I wonder if it's just me imagination... but I'll be damned if the girls in Lund (or at least at Katte) ain't cuter than the ones in Ystad. Wiie!

Once again, thanks to my two favorite gals for lightening up me day and me life!

Cheers people, tomorrow I'll kill me computer, write a letter, and make two calls.

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Alex said...

You probably didn't mess up as bad as I did at handball though =P I turned my back on a team mate who always passed me from that position (more specifically Dardan), got a hard ball staright in the head and caused two teams to start laughing hysterically...

And course the girls are cuter here =P Haha, just kidding


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